U L T R A  P O R T A B L E  7-IN-1  U S B – C  S O L U T I O N  F O R  M A C  &  W I N D O W S

A hub like no other…

Seamless design gives way to seamless transfer between all your devices with the Arc Hub from Bourge Design. More than just a USB-C adapter for MacBook and MacBook Pro, the Arc Hub also offers connectivity solutions for PC laptops, tablets and devices utilizing USB-C.

Experience quality

Brushed aluminum housing, polished chamfered edges, and black convex glass all come together to make a beautiful seamless design.

The Arc Hub is more than just a hub, it’s a stunning piece of product design.

Your pre-order purchase of Arc Hub includes a one year warranty and and 30 days money back return.

  • Compatibility

    Arc Hub is compatible with all USB-C equipped MacOS & Windows devices.

    • Mac Laptops: Dual extended displays is supported but be both will displaying the same extended screen (In total you will have two unique desktops rather than three, with your Mac being one desktop and the external monitors being the second desktop). This is due to a “one video output per port” restriction Apple has placed on it’s Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports.
    • Windows laptops: Pass through charging is currently not supported on Dell XPS 13 & 15, Lenovo Yoga 900 & 910, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S. In most cases it’s due to a missing protocol that we do not have access to.  We are currently looking for a solution and are in contact with the brands listed above.

  • Connectivity

    Featuring compatibility with Thunderbolt 3 devices, an HDMI port & Mini DisplayPort for dual display capability, an SD Card slot to transfer photos from your camera, and multiple ports for USB-3.0 and USB-C for data transfer and power delivery; the Arc Hub has every port you need for every USB-C situation that you might encounter.

  • Whats in the Box

    Arc Hub + 8″ USB-C Cable + Soft Microfiber Carrying Pouch

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