Firmware Update for Arc Hub

Arc Hub Firmware Update RHC V1.51

A new firmware update for Arc Hub is now available for download. RHC V1.51 fixes some bugs and glitches that can occur when plugging into the HDMI, MDP, and USB ports on the Arc Hub. Additionally, this update allocates more power to the USB 3.0 ports to allow for higher power devices to be plugged in. 

Download Update

Note: This update can only be installed on a computer running Windows OS.

For MacOS users we suggest two methods to install Windows: 

You can download a free copy of Windows 10 by clicking here. Please choose the 64 bit option when prompted. 



1. Open RHC.exe (or .rar) file. If you encounter any issues when opening the file, we suggest temporarily turning off any anti virus software.

2. Click the stop button (grey square). 

 3. Next, click the "C"button. 

4. Clicking the "C" will bring up a menu box. Please select the checkbox "Update Flash". Then in that same section, find the row "Level 0". Click the box with the three dots. This will bring up a file browser. Find the file: RTS5411_POWER7_PI760_Charging_EN_20170814.bin (This can be found in the .exe file you unzipped). Once the file has been selected, click "Save". 

5. Connect the Arc Hub to the computer. Upon plugging in, the update will start to download into the Arc Hub's chipset. Once the firmware has been updated, the ring on the screen will turn green to indicate that the update has been successfully applied. 

6. You can now unplug the Arc Hub and close down the program. 

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