Being a DJ can be fun, but it also takes a lot of dedication and willingness to practice to keep your skills sharp. Playing regular gigs is a great way to do that, of course, but what about when you’re at home? There are things you can do right at home to make sure your skills as a DJ are always top-notch. Let’s take a look at what those are.

Play a Set for Yourself and Record It

Any good DJ knows that keeping regular recordings of gigs is a must. Doing so allows to you play it back for your own benefit, and that in turn helps you pinpoint areas that could use improvement. These recordings are also the perfect way to document changes in musical tastes and technical development as a DJ.

Work on Song Mixing as Often as Possible

This should be a no-brainer. Song mixing is an important part of being a DJ, and you’ll want to make sure your mixes keep the public coming back to your public sets. The good news? Song mixing is a lot more accessible than it used to be. Numerous apps exist now that allow for mixing while on the go. Find one you like and mix away as often as you can!

Spin a Practice Set for Friends or Broadcast Online

This is the perfect way to practice in front of an audience with the added benefit of having that audience be people you trust. They’ll offer opinions that you’re likely to take to heart and use as a catalyst for improvement. Spinning in front of friends is also the perfect time to practice mixing and play new mixes for feedback. The same goes for broadcasting a set online. Apps like Facebook Live and Periscope make it simple to garner an audience and get constructive feedback – all for free!

Always Be Searching for New Music

This is another no-brainer. Music is constantly changing and new hits drop on a mind-bogglingly fast basis. It’s important to stay up-to-date on what’s hot, so you can create mixes and spin songs that your audience knows, loves, and will dance to. Write down the names and artists when you hear something you love. Follow music charts religiously. Make sure you’re always on top of the hottest songs – it’ll keep your audience coming back.

Tweak Your Setup for Optimal Spinning

Your DJ setup is an extension of your home. Creating a place where you feel comfortable is important, especially since you’ll be spending so much time there. Whether you spin digitally with MacBooks or do it old school, the Arc Hub from Bourge Design is the perfect hub for bringing everything together. The 7-in1 USB-C adapter allows for use of regular USB connectors, as well as the newly-adopted USB-C. It’s easily movable and stylish, so you’ll be able to place it wherever!

Being a DJ can be fun and rewarding. By following the tips above, you’ll be able to easily keep your skills at a high level. Give them a try!