Dear Arc Hub Customers,

First off, we would like to thank you for your continued patience as we work to deliver the Arc Hubs to your doorstep. Late last week, we sent out tracking numbers to all of our tier 1 orders. Some of you may have noticed that the tracking information has yet to update. Today we will be addressing some new information that we have received from our development team in China.
In our last update on May 26, we mentioned that the Co-founders would be heading to China to oversee the the final quality control check of the Arc Hub. After many inspections and tests of the quality of the aluminum and glass, along with the functionality of the circuit board and port alignment, we were given the green light to begin shipping. After printing all of the labels and packaging up all of the boxes for Tier 1 orders, a last minute issue came to light.

What the team found was not an issue that plagued the hub itself, but rather the included 8” USB-C cable that ships in the box. The development team found, through a test batch of cables, that when the USB-C cable is plugged in a certain direction the computer would not recognize any peripherals or would fail to power the Arc Hub itself.

To further elaborate, we have included a diagram for reference below:

The issue that our team found was that if Cable end “A” was plugged into the Arc Hub and Cable end “B” was plugged into the computer, then the Arc Hub would either not be powered, or peripherals would fail to be recognized. But, if Cable end “B” was plugged into the Arc Hub, and Cable end “A” was plugged into the computer, then everything would work as intended. Furthermore, the issue only arose after a few uses of the cable, rather than at first.

Now the beauty of USB-C is its symmetry on both ends and sides of the cable. You, consistent users of USB-C, are probably well aware that you can plug any end of the USB-C cable in, flipped over or not, regardless of orientation. That is, all sides of the cable are identical and work exactly the same. Although our cables were capable of working in all orientations a percentage of the time (which was frequently enough to pass the quality control tests), some of the time they could only perform at full capacity in one or two configurations (which was made evident after the latest round of rigorous testing) and it just wouldn’t be fair to deliver a cable to you that is not going to fully perform 100 percent of the time.

Our team has worked hard to find a solution to this issue and thankfully they were able to fix the component in the cable’s circuitry causing the malfunction. The solution that the team has come up with will involve replacing all cables that are in every Arc Hub box. Because of this, our team has had to make a very tough decision- to pull all shipments back to the manufacturing factory immediately and replace all of the USB-C cables in every box with brand new USB-C cables.

Manufacturing of the new cables has already begun and has been placed as the number one priority at our manufacturing facility. Because manufacturing the cables takes a little over a week and half considering that more parts must first be sourced, and repacking the boxes takes another few days, our shipping date has been pushed to June 26.

We understand that this may not be the news you were wanting to hear, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience whatsoever that this delivery date extension may have caused. The last thing we want is to have everybody receive faulty USB-C cables, which would even further delay the experience of using the Arc Hub.

This decision was made to save you the time and hassle of waiting for a new USB-C cable to arrive. Additionally, because the amount of peripherals that most of you will be plugging in will amount to much more wattage/power than the average USB-C cable can handle, it is essential that you use the included USB-C cable in the box, for the safety of your laptop and to ensure you get the most out of the Arc Hub.

For those of you who have already received tracking numbers, you can continue to hold on to that email as we will be using the same tracking number when we ship on June 26. We will simply have to print out new label and repackage everything. For those who have yet to receive a tracking number, you can expect tracking numbers to arrive on June 24 or 25. We can assure you that this is a solid date that will not shift or move any further and that this is the last delay we will be experiencing.

Lastly just as a side note, for those who have not yet received tracking numbers, we ask that you verify your shipping address provided in the confirmation you should have received upon purchase.

As we close this update, we would like to echo our past statements of our emphasis on quality. The decision that our team made was an effort to ensure that your experience with the Arc Hub is flawless. We are positive that the full package coming to your doorstep is one that will wow and be worth the wait. You have not just purchased a state-of-the-art, premium design USB-C adapter but also an entire computing experience. You will see what we mean in just a couple of weeks. We’ll be checking in a few days to keep you informed with the process of the entire cable rework situation.

To cap off, our team took some photos of the quality control testing that was done last week, along with some pre-assembly photos of the last few Arc Hubs. You can view it all below. Also, if you didn’t get a chance to check out our latest promotional video, you can see that below as well and see the [soon to be yours] Arc Hub in action.


Bourge Design Team