Dear Early Arc Hub Supporters,

First off, we would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of information and updates on our part.

We acknowledge that in our last update we stated a delivery time of March, yet we regret to inform our customers that unfortunately this date is no longer feasible.

At the time of the January 27 update, the factory had provided us with a solid late February/early March shipping date, but unfortunately they were not able to deliver on that timeline due to factors beyond our control. We take full responsibility for this extension and are continuing to work toward getting the units shipped out as quickly as possible.

At the moment our team is still in China hashing out finalization of production/assembly & logistics. We have a rough shipping date of mid-late May in mind but are hesitant to disclose a finalized date until the factory confirms said date in order to avoid another discrepancy in ship times.

At Bourge, we put a strong emphasis in both quality and customer service and unfortunately one has had to suffer for the sake of the other. We deeply regret that this has been the case thus far and vow to make the necessary changes to improve our customer experience. Pre-order customers can expect a detailed update with accurate shipping times in the coming weeks.

Rest assured, we are as eager as you are for the units to arrive and are confident that the date will be here in no time!

If you have sent us an email that we have yet to reply to, it is because currently, we are making some major changes to our customer service. In an effort to speed up response times, we have revamped our contact page so that received emails go directly to the correct department. Currently, if your email has not been replied to, we ask that you re-send it using the new Contact Page on our site.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused and would like to thank you for your continued patience and support as you wait for the Arc Hub to arrive. Keep an eye out for the updated ship times coming to you shortly.

Warmest regards,

Bourge Design Team